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As of today the English version of 'The 5 Wise Method' has been released, Brutal Honesty!

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About the book

So many lives involve going through the same moves again, and getting the same result over and over. In this workbook, life coach Carlo Strijk teaches you to respond in a completely different way, so that the results can really change your life, keeping you from relapsing into old patterns. He teaches you to think from the heart. Let go of your convictions and discover how liberating that is. Strijk's method is called 5-wise, derived from the 5 'why' questions that factory managers ask themselves when their production process gets stuck. Strijk translated his method into business and personal life. Carlo Strijk leads you to brutal honesty: being unconditionally honest with yourself - and with others. This leads you to a completely new way of dealing with yourself and your environment.

About the author

Carlo Strijk (1966) made a name for himself as a presenter of human-interest programs for RTL and TROS. He is originally an HR Director, management trainer and, above all, a life coach. First in the temporary employment sector (Content), later in the hotel industry (Hilton). He was on many social councils and boards.

In 2007, after rehabilitation from a cerebral infarction, he immersed himself in what drives him deeply. Self-inquiry that led him to a universal method. A technique that brings you to your deepest desires and breaks with false desires from outside (described in his book False Desire). In this workbook he helps you to overcome personal and business blockages that stand in the way of personal growth. A step-by-step method that really makes you wiser, five times wiser. Lots of reading, thinking and working pleasure!

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